Things I’ve Learned from Video Games: Thank God for the Health Bar

thingsivelearned_healthbarVideo games are full of valuable life lessons that can solve many of the world’s problems. If you get shot – avoid the murder trial by hiding behind a crate for a few seconds. If you get in a fight – don’t worry about skill; you’ll be prompted when to fight back. Another great survival lesson that video games teach us: life bars and hit points make pain more manageable. Continue reading

Leave Joel and Ellie Alone: Please No Last of Us Direct Sequel


The Last of Us was undeniably one of the greatest games of all time, and, arguably the greatest game of the last console generation. And while there’s nothing I’d like more for the game than for everyone in the world to experience what is the perfect combination of superb storytelling and excellent gaming in a single experience, I think it’s something that’s best left as it is.

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