Favourite Music, Movies, & Games 2017

Hello? Is this thing still on? Am I still connected to the tubes?

Looks like it.

Here’s a bunch of pop culture things I loved from 2017.

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Digital Goods Services Should Provide a Way to Tip the Creator


Every month for the past few years I’ve been growing a library of “free” games from PlayStation’s PSPlus Subscription service. Some are good, some not so much, and some are simply… interesting. However, every once in a while there’s an absolute gem, often an indie title, that I become engrossed in and spend far more than a few hours with (looking your way Rocket League and Velocity). These are often games that I wouldn’t have tried if it were not for the PSPlus subscription but after spending so much time with them, I have this feeling of guilt that there’s little I can do to show my appreciation to the creators for their work. There’s no way for me to toss a few shekels their way as a means to say, “Thanks.” Continue reading “Digital Goods Services Should Provide a Way to Tip the Creator”