Digital Goods Services Should Provide a Way to Tip the Creator


Every month for the past few years I’ve been growing a library of “free” games from PlayStation’s PSPlus Subscription service. Some are good, some not so much, and some are simply… interesting. However, every once in a while there’s an absolute gem, often an indie title, that I become engrossed in and spend far more than a few hours with (looking your way Rocket League and Velocity). These are often games that I wouldn’t have tried if it were not for the PSPlus subscription but after spending so much time with them, I have this feeling of guilt that there’s little I can do to show my appreciation to the creators for their work. There’s no way for me to toss a few shekels their way as a means to say, “Thanks.” Continue reading “Digital Goods Services Should Provide a Way to Tip the Creator”

Editor’s Notes: 5 Things That Make Dragon Age: Inquisition Infuriating



Writer’s note:
Firstly, yes, I have an editor.

Secondly, they are a huge Dragon Age fan. When I submitted this blog post to them originally I received back two versions; one with actual edits, and one with an amazing side column of just the most wonderful vitriol that was just too good to not share. Normally, I do receive some commentary that is usually hilarious and leads to rewrites, but in this case they were so passionate about the subject, it required its own file separately. Enjoy.

About a week ago, I had to call it quits playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. I went into it with a ton of excited anticipation, and even found myself loving the game for the first ten or so hours I spent with it.

Editor’s note: My first ten hours consisted of jumping and getting lost in the fucking Hinterlands before I figured out the combat controls.

The exploration of beautiful and varied environments, the entertaining banter of my party members, and that signature Dragon Age ass kicking combat system that I so enjoyed.

Editor’s note: Except for jumping when you meant to attack for like the first hour you play it, because who the fuck decided to change the controls around? Fuck jumping, I wanna kill stuff!

Then some dickhead showed up on a dragon, killed all my bros, blew up my new home, and humiliated me, The Herald of Andraste, in front of my friends and potential lovers! I was a sad, disheartened, and broken man, and all I got out of that epic and heart breaking moment was a cringe worthy song and an impossibly hard to navigate fort.

Editor’s note: I have no probs with the fort. You’re just shitty with directions in real life and virtually.

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