Top Ten Simpsons Guest Stars: Number 1

As my last entry for the month and the last of this month’s top ten, I give you:

Albert Brooks

Cowboy Bob, Jacques, Brad Goodman, Hank Scorpio, Tab Spangler, Russ Cargill

If the only character he ever portrayed was Hank Scorpio, he would win this hands down. Every line he delivers in You Only Move Twice, is pure gold. If you haven’t watched the episode, do so. It will improve you life.

But the fact is, he has portrayed so many characters over the years. He even appeared in the movie as Russ Cargill! Jacques gave us the wonderful explanation of brunch with his sexy french accent. Brad Goodman convinced Springfield to be like the boy and ‘helped’ Troy McClure with his alcoholism (golden moment). Cowboy Bob gave Homer a pimpin’ RV and Tab Spangler helped Bart lose weight when he got fat on junk food.

He’s never had a dull roll and given u some of the most amazing Simpsons episodes. And for that, he’s the best Simpsons Guest Star.


Author: Ryan

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