Things to Come

I have a week off next week, so aside from work I’ll be concentrating a lot my time to updating this site and SW:TOR. As a result, there will be no Top Ten this month, which saddens me a little because I had some really good ideas, but I have the rest of my life to share those. 


There are a number of things that I really hate about my site (other than aesthetics). I find it’s impossible to navigate the blog roll effectively. Especially since I do a lot of themed posts like Ryan’s Rockin’, Top Ten, and Things I’ve Learned from Videogames. I’d really like to make it easier for the reader (myself included) to be able to find such sections easily and navigate the related posts more efficiently. I’d also like to separate posts about my life from posts about technology and media (games, music, movies etc.)

I haven’t spent much time planning this all out right yet but I have two more midterms this week and then nothing but free time for a week and  half. I’m really hoping to get this done before school goes back in session. It’d be nice to have a site that I’m proud to put my name up on and share with people other than friends for once.

I’ll be locking the site while I put it together not that that will really affect anyone.

Once I figure it all out, I may share with you all some plans of mine, otherwise, just wait and see.

– Ryan


Author: Ryan

Ryan is a Quality Assurance Engineer II at BBM and graduated from Ryerson in 2012 with a degree in Computer Science. Ryan is a huge fan of video games, comic books, and rock music. Any opinions expressed are explicitly Ryan’s and do not reflect the opinions of his current, former or future employers in any way. You can follow him on Twitter: @ryan_boudreau