Watchmen 2?

I was a little taken back earlier today when I read this article:

Watchmen 2 is Happening

For those who suffer the tl;dr problem, I’ll try and quickly sum it up. Basically DC is creating several short series of comics about the characters that takes place before the events of Watchmen.

A lot of the conversation seems to be about whether this sort of thing should happen and whether it’s wrong or not. I don’t really care. I’ll check it out.

To be honest, it could be great considering some of the best writers and artists in comics are at the helm of each of these projects.  Watchmen for me, like many others, is one of the best written graphic novels ever, if not the. I’m not a big fan of the ending but I won’t get into that. It actually started, what was a long time coming, my re-interest in comics and graphic novels. And actually, it was my first graphic novel and it has some of the most interesting and well developed characters I’ve ever read.

So I think it’s fine that DC is pursuing one of the greatest stories of all time and trying to perhaps develop a universe around it. Even if Alan Moore’s disgusted by this and refuses to give his blessing to the project, I think it has great potential to be a very well done piece of work. I’m actually quite intrigued as to what sort of origins these writers develop for the characters. Even though much of it was explained in considerable detail in Watchmen, I look forward to those stories being fleshed out more. And not necessarily their origins, but simply what they were doing.

So, good luck DC, don’t disappoint us. I’m very excited to see Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo teamed up to work on Rorschach. That will be fantastic. Hopefully.

– Ryan

PS. For a great opinion piece that I very much agree with, check out this.


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