Top Ten MJK Songs: Number 10

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve treated myself to listening to a new Puscifer album. So what better way to kick off the list than with one of the best Puscifer songs.

Queen B – Puscifer, V is for Vagina

The first track off the first album, and coincidentally, the first song I heard. It kicks off with a wicked drum beat and this porno low, “Hooommmmmmwah.” Then starts these deep and sexy vocals with some hilarious lyrics.

For an album that was described to me as the “dark corners of Maynard’s mind”, it kicks off that notion perfectly. I love the haunting harmonics that Maynard can do flawlessly time and time again, they’re beautiful.

Anyway, I’m not allowed to embed the video, but here’s the link. It’s awesome, trust me.


Author: Ryan

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