Top Ten Excuses: Coming soon…

It’s been some time since I’ve done a top ten, and I have a big two parter planned. However, between work and sleep, there isn’t much time in my days to write everything I want to lately. I need to start making a “writing time” for myself where I pump out two-three blogs or half of a top ten.

It’s for that reason as well that I do my lunch time bites. I need to write. I don’t get a lot of chances to write creatively any more, but doing this blog does keep my juices flowing and my brain working. The lunch time bites may be short, but they force me to think a bit about what I read and give me a chance to share more of what I like without having to write over elaborate stories about it. I’d love to cover more tech stories, working in mobile computing I’ve learned a lot and seen so much more that’s given me a better perspective on the world I love. Unfortunately at the same time, it limits what I’m allowed to talk about too :P, but it’s fine because I get to see stuff before anyone else.

Now, I know that my posts for the most part lately have been mostly bull shit, and I do apologize for that. I really, really would love to write more, just life right now doesn’t allow for that. On top of writing more, I really want to get my BlackBerry 10 app finish. It’s actually looking pretty good so far, just needs some branding, some higher quality images and it’s ready to go. Then hopefully I’ll have the time to learn Objective-C and pump out an iPhone app too. From what I can tell, I would be able to make it work more or less identically to BB10.

Anyway, hopefully in August/September I’ll be able to share with you my two part Top Ten. It’s going to require some more research, but it’ll be really fun research. So in the mean time, I’ll just leave you with this hint as to what it just might be about. Hint: It’ll be my best Top Ten yet.



Author: Ryan

Ryan is a Quality Assurance Engineer II at BBM and graduated from Ryerson in 2012 with a degree in Computer Science. Ryan is a huge fan of video games, comic books, and rock music. Any opinions expressed are explicitly Ryan’s and do not reflect the opinions of his current, former or future employers in any way. You can follow him on Twitter: @ryan_boudreau