Top Ten Our Lady Peace Songs


I may have been a child when most of these tracks came out, but they’re timeless songs that are not only relevant today, but are still some of the best rock songs ever written. Arguably the best thing to come out of Canada before everyone hated us for Justin Beiber; these are my Top Ten Our Lady Peace songs.

10. In Repair

To start the list is a song from an album I’m not sure if anyone actually knows exists, Spiritual Machines. This song, along with its truly bizarre video was from the last album that featured Our Lady Peace with their, in my opinion, previously perfect line-up that included the much-missed guitarist Mike. It’s probably one the few really good songs on the concept album and, obviously, in my opinion, the best. It features a number of OLP’s staples, including the acoustic guitar accompanied by an electric lead, Raine’s falsetto vocals, and Jeremy’s standout off-beat drums.


Author: Ryan

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