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“Big Chief Danny says, ME NEXT!” “Slip n’ Slide Super Geyser!”

In This Moment – Blood (2012)

Apparently this qualifies as “punk” according to the Sony Music playlist I was listening to. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is certainly not punk, it’s definitely some form of metal. After hearing one song, Blood I believe it was, I quickly gave up on the playlist and hunted the whole album down, and boy is it really good. It’s certainly a pretty heavy album, but the the music isn’t anything all that remarkable. Much of the songs have a simple two or three note riff that works well, and sounds cool with the help of some great production, but it’s the singer, Maria Brink, that makes this album worth listening to. She has an incredible metal voice; can sing, scream, and even growl. Without her they’d be as remarkable as Seven Dust, she really makes the difference between an okay album and a really good one.

Score: Good
Bomb tracks: Adrenalize, You’re Gonna Listen, Burn

He Is Legend – Heavy Fruit (2014)

It’s been more or less a decade since I last listened to He Is Legend, and I don’t really remember what they sounded like except for maybe one song, I Am Hollywood, which sounds nothing like this album. A friend of mine sent me a message not too long ago recommending Heavy Fruit to me. I had added it to my library many months ago but it hadn’t really grabbed me, so what better time to give it another go than now? Heavy Fruit is a mostly down tempo, dark album which allows for some great lead guitar work and excellent rhythmic riffs to counter. No song demonstrates this better on the album than Be Easy; it has this awesome syncopated rhythm that would sound great with just the rhythm guitar, but the lead guitar really takes the song into perfection. It’s well produced album featuring many effects and excellent mixing; everything sounds clean and dynamic. I’m glad I gave it another chance, might have missed out on something great.

Score: Great
Bomb tracks: No Visitors, Miserable Company, Spout Mouth, Be Easy, Heavy Fruit

Demon Hunter – The World Is A Thorn (2010)

Isn’t rediscovering older albums just the greatest thing ever? I was doing my normal gym routine with my music on shuffle when this awesome synth melody started playing and was immediately followed by some double kick and awesome guitar. That song was Just Breathe by Demon Hunter, and it was on repeat for the rest of my time at the gym. Before I left, I took a look at the rest of the album and why I had completely forgot about The World Is A Thorn. There are a ton of great tracks on here. Funnily enough, I actually called it one of their weakest albums back in a 2012 Rockin’, and here I am three years later praising it for being a forgotten gem. The title track, The World Is A Thorn, is an incredible and ruthless track that’s has oddly defiant Christian lyrics. There are a couple ballads on here, Driving Nails and Blood In The Tears, something that has always been a staple of a Demon Hunter album. So, I’m going to retract my much earlier statement of this album being a weak Demon Hunter album, because it isn’t.

Score: Great
Bomb tracks: Descending Upon Us, The World is a Thorn, Tie This Around Your Neck, Just Breathe

– Ryan


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