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“So skip it, skip it, you want to jump to the top! Skip it, skip it, skippin’ and a screamin’ and bop shoo bop!”

Blogs have been slow. I’ve been adulting. I’ll be back whole hog in May, promise.

Kollwitz – Dissonance (2015)

Slow, loud, dark, and very well arranged music. Across the nine tracks there’s hardly a moment left with just a chord ringing out. Each instrument, vocalist included, gives each other room to breathe. If the guitar seems to take a brief break, the drums take the opportunity to throw in a fill across the toms; this prevents the loud and distorted style of music from feeling chaotic. What’s strange about this album is I found it really relaxing to listen to; something I could stare up at the ceiling and get lost in while nearly incomprehensible screaming and deep growl shouting filled my ears. I appreciate that they never try to over perform or get overly technical with any of the instruments; the guitar solos are well-performed, well thought out and blend well with the music. A great album if you’re looking for something loud and not over-taxing.

Score: Great

Bomb tracks: Reign, Impending, Vanish

mirevoliiThe Mire – Volume: II (2010)

My favourite discovery this month is apparently a demo from 2010. Their music is a perfect balance of dirty, distorted, loud metal, and these almost tranquil moments of music. Jumping from throaty screams and heavy palm-muted riffs to delayed singing and melodic guitars, each song is a real treat to listen to. The album has a short intermission of piano and string duet that strangely doesn’t feel out of place and is nice breather between the two halves of the “sludge metal” album. With all that said, I really enjoyed this apparent demo and look forward to listening to their full length.

Score: Great

Bomb tracks: The Rift, Wheelwalker, Fears

Mutoid Man – Helium Head (2014)

Noisy, fast and fun as all hell, it’s amazing what a three-piece band can pump out. There’s a crazy amount of energy delivered directly to your ears in each of these 2-3 minute songs. Both the guitar and bass are very melodic, something that is sadly out of the norm. But the two compliment each other so well, while playing at a ridiculous pace, that makes it all the more enjoyable and impressive. Relying on a crazy amount of distortion on everything, topped off with reverb on the vocals, give each of their songs this huge sound. I can’t recommend this album enough. To steal the title of a Sum 41 album, Helium Head is all killer no filler. Shout out to hermitology.com for the recommendation.

Score: Great

Bomb tracks: Gnarcissist, Scavengers, Sacriledge

– Ryan

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