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Apartment 26 – Music for the Massive (2004)

There’s really no better way to describe this album other than, “cool”. It’s this really cool mixture of nu-metal and jazz. Every single song leaves you feeling like doing one of two things, snapping your fingers with your collar popped in a leather jacket, or throwing up the horns and just head banging like a mad man. Some songs have really interesting off beat accents, 88 for example, has high pitched keyboards/guitar interspersed between an absolutely incredible guitar riff throughout the song. The guitar across Music for the Massive is a lesson in what makes an awesome riff because the album is rife with them on literally every song. Apartment 26 apparently split after this album, which is a bit of a shame because I’d love to hear more from them. It’s really one of the coolest and most interesting albums I’ve come across recently.

Score: Great
Bomb tracks: Give Me More, New Years Resolution, Axel Off

Modwheelmood – Pearls to Pigs (2009)

The first I heard of Modwheelmood was on Nine Inch Nails remix of Year Zero, Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D, with a really incredible version of The Great Destroyer. But it wasn’t until recently that I actually decided to check out the creator of that excellent reimagining, turned out it is a small group started by NIN touring keyboardist, Alessandro Cortini. I’m glad I got around to looking into them, because Pearls to Pigs was a really good album to find this month. It’s a perfect album to just sit back and turn your mind off for a while. It’s relaxing, calming and really well produced. There’s a great array of instruments including keyboards, synths, guitars, bass and drums both electronic and live. The vocals on the album are mostly pleasant and meld well with the rest of the music. A lot of it reminds me of Depeche Mode to be honest, and that’s not a bad thing in the slightest. If anything, it makes it feel familiar and new at the same time.

Score: Good
Bomb tracks: Problem Me, Too Late, Sunday Morning

Mumford and Sons – Wilder Mind (2015)

This English group has come a long way from a guy stomping on a box while playing acoustic guitar, and this album really shatters that whole image of them. Now they sound, and I really have no other way to put this, like Coldplay. The music has lost a lot of that rugged charm of the previous two albums, even the singer seems to have lost a lot of the passion he’d belt out on Babel and Sigh No More. Wilder Mind feels over produced and overwhelmingly uninteresting. Venturing far from the folk roots they once had, this album has keyboards, slow guitar solos, full drum kits, but it’s missing a lot of passion. Sadly, the singles are the only songs worth listening to on this album, hopefully they bring it back a bit on their next album.

Score: Okay
Bomb tracks: Believe, The Wolf, Just Smoke

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