Ryan’s Rockin’: October


This is some music I listened to once.

Operation M.D. – Birds + Bee Stings (2010)

Talk about a super group! Cone of Sum 41 and… someone. From another punk band. Ok, maybe it’s not a super group, but they do make some really solid punk songs with a bit of indy flair. There’s nothing particular special or spectacular about this album, it’s fun and enjoyable to listen to, but don’t really do anything all that original. I guess for the duo, it’s a break from the kind of music they typically write, it doesn’t really remind me of anything by Sum 41, or sound like anything I looked up from H2O. They sound more like a simpler Cage the Elephant. I had heard their first album, We Have an Emergency, back when it came out 8 years ago and from what I remember, that one resonated a bit more with me than this is. It’s not a bad album at all and none of the tracks are at all poor, but mostly just okay.

Score: Okay
Bomb tracks: Birds + Bee Stings, Sick + Twisted, I’ve Been Drinking

Matthew Good – Chaotic Neutral (2015)

This guy, he just keeps releasing albums and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. But to be honest, maybe Matt Good should take a little longer than 2 years? I mean, I’ll keep buying his album and going to his shows, but it feels like Arrows of Desire came out not too long ago. This also isn’t really his best album. It does have some really spectacular tracks, like Harriden, this moody, dark piano rock with an ending that just hits like the end of November Rain, not quite as elaborate though. But for the most part, it sounds like what I think we’ve come to expect from Matthew Good: solid 4/4 catchy Canadian rock tunes. Girls in Black falls into this category, but it just feels so damn edgy and cool, and the bridge with a shouted refrain just makes the hair on your arms stand up. And Army of Lions hits towards the end which opens with this 80’s-esque guitar melody that gets the butt cheeks grooving in your chair, and is a great pump up song. Overall, good, but he can do better. Lights of Endangered Species is proof of this.

Score: Good
Bomb tracks: Harriden, Girls in Black, Army of Lions

Couldn’t find any of the bomb tracks on YouTube, so here’s a pretty good one :)

Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface (2015)

That Spotify Discovery Weekly playlist that comes every Monday really points me to some gems. This album is really special, in the bizarre sense of the word, because it sounds like nothing and everything. The first song, Heavydirtysoul, is like Chemical Brothers and Beastie Boys meets Imagine Dragons with a bit of late 80’s dance vocals in the chorus, and it sounds weird, but it fucking works! Amazingly too I might add. Right after that we’ve got K-OS and Black Eyed Peas. Then it’s dub step and hip hop. Then ukulele and steel drums. What’s bizarre is that all of it sounds great, and these odd mash ups work out and none of the songs feel out of place. Probably the closest other group I can think to compare it to would be Awolnation, but even that’s not quite a good comparison. The best I can recommend is to just listen, and enjoy.

Score: Great
Bomb tracks: Heavydirtysoul, Fairly Local, Doubt

– Ryan

Ryan’s Rockin’ October 2015 Spotify Playlist


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