Ryan’s Rockin’: November + December


Here’s a whole two months worth of music to catch up on.

Orgy – Talk Sick (2015)

Well, this isn’t what I really expected from Orgy, but I guess if you piss off the majority of your band and they take all the instruments with them when they leave this is what you end up with. Any rock elements that you remember being part of an Orgy song are sadly missing here. It’s really sounds like Jay Gordon doing an electronic album, which is still pretty enjoyable but it’s nothing that special. It also took over a decade to make and is only seven songs long, so really not that impressive. The lyrics are really silly; they try to be clever (for example: the album and title track are called “Talk Sick”, so clever) but completely miss accomplishing that; unless you’re 13 years old. Still a fun listen to be honest and really catchy, but it is not Orgy.

Bomb tracks: Talk Sick, Wide Awake and Dead, Monster in Me
Score: Good

City and Colour – If I Should Go Before You (2015)

I would say that this is the album that has finally made me a Dallas Green fan. This album is just good song after good song, each are well written and really pleasant to listen to. His music is more diverse than ever, and his vocals are better than they’ve ever been with a lot of soul behind them. Looking forward to seeing him perform this album live in a few month.

One side note, maybe it’s just me, but the bass mix is out of control!

Bomb tracks: Mizzy C, Wasted Love, Lover Come Back
Score: Great

Cloudkicker – Woum (2015)

It’s the Cloudkicker we’ve come to love; songs build up layer upon layer until we’re lost in all the beautiful tones and melodies. Much more mellow this time, focusing on clean guitar melodies, deep bass lines, and ambience, rather than face melting riffs. A little on the short side, but when you’re putting out a good album consistently every year, that’s perfectly fine.

Bomb tracks: Trim Splint, Emfargo, Dovetail
Score: Good

Ryan’s Rockin’November 2015 Spotify Playlist

Puscifer – Money Shot (2015)

Puscifer’s music is very interesting and I often find myself never knowing what to expect as I go from track to track on an album, except that it’ll probably be pretty darn good. Songs shift from ambient rock, to electronic, to oddly timed heavy alt rock. From the sounds of it, no instrument is off limits when they put something together, so long as it sounds great on a track. Maynard once again doesn’t fail to be simultaneously an amazing vocalist and a genius at writing lyrics, just listen to The Remedy if you need an example of both.

Bomb tracks: Agostina, Money Shot, The Remedy
Score: Good

Foo Fighters – Saint Cecillia EP (2015)

This. This is the Foo Fighters I love. Not whatever was going on with that Sonic Highways album. Being an EP, it’s short, but is five amazing no nonsense rock tracks. Mostly loud, fast, and crunchy, with the sombre 90’s-esque song Iron Rooster to slow things down a tad in a wonderful way. I hope we hear more of this Foo Fighters on the next full album. Awesome stuff!

Bomb tracks: Saint Cecillia, Sean, Iron Rooster
Score: Excellent

Caspian – Dust and Disquiet (2015)

I saw these gentlemen perform at Toronto club where the ceiling tiles were painted black and falling out. They played a bunch of songs from this album while a very inebriated individual had the fucking time of his life swaying back and forth on the stairs (I was actually a little worried he was going to face plant at some point but he never did and to be honest, I was really impressed when he didn’t). It left my ears ringing for a couple of days, and then this album popped up. At times it’s beautiful, and other times it’ll blow your friggin’ mind. Highly recommend it, even if post-rock isn’t your thing.

Bomb tracks: Arcs of Command, Echo and Abyss, Darkfield
Score: Excellent

Ryan’s Rockin’ December 2015 Spotify Playlist


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