Lunch Time Bites: A Portable Steam Machine? Check out the teaser for the Steamboy


We don’t even have any Steam Machines on the market and Steamboy’s already looking to get it on the go! Continue reading “Lunch Time Bites: A Portable Steam Machine? Check out the teaser for the Steamboy”

Lunch Time Bites: GoPro shark cam?


This is kind of cool: some researchers from Universities of Tokyo and Hawaii have strapped what is essentially a GoPro with a rubber band to a shark’s fin to study how they swim.

I hope there’s more than this short video of footage, and if they ever manage to get one of these on a great white to get some seal snagging breaching in first person, that’d be amazing.

Check it out via engadget

Some big announcements from Valve this week #SteamOS

Steam OS

Last December, I wrote an article about what I though the Steam Box would be (here). Essentially a stripped down PC, running Linux with a Steam OS on top of it. Earlier this week, Valve announced a Steam OS based in Linux, different hardware configurations from different manufacturers, and as well as a bizarre looking controller.

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Lunch Time Bites: Logic Pro X


Today, Apple announced Logic Pro X for Mac along with Main Stage 3 and Logic Remote for iPad. Logic Pro is Apple pro audio software. New features include new instruments and effects, Drummer which will play back different drum loops to your recording in different styles, Flex Pitch provides pitch editing for your recording and Logic Remote allowing you to control Logic Pro from your iPad.

As a user of Logic Pro, all these things sound amazing. Hopefully it doesn’t suffer the same limitations that Final Cut went through a few years back where the interface was so dumbed down Pro users refused to upgrade, though from the looks of it, that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Logic Pro will be available in the Mac App Store for $199 and the iPad app will be available for free.

Mac Rumors has the complete story.

Official announcement from Apple.

Way to go Microsoft. These are some good attack ads.

Image: mobile88
Image: mobile88

Usually when a company launches an attach ad on another, it’s less than impressive but regardless almost always funny. In this rare occasion, I feel like Microsoft finally scores some big revenge points for those “Get a Mac” ads from 6 or 7 years ago. Not only do they point out some key selling points for Windows 8, but they use Apple’s own product, Siri, to make fun of itself.  Continue reading “Way to go Microsoft. These are some good attack ads.”