Things I’ve learned from Games: Shit’s goin’ down!

Throughout my career of playing games, I’ve learned a few things that I’d like to share with you all.

Over the last year or so I’ve treated myself to playing many an action game which has taught me to pick up on some signs that game designers seem to leave us to indicate when “Shit’s goin’ down!”

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PSP2: So not Dead on Arrival

PSP2I awoke this morning to my wonderful list of fresh RSS feeds for the week to be horribly surprised by this:
PSP2 ‘Dead on Arrival’

First off, I don’t know what Pach Attack is or if they’re even really that credible, but that’s an asinine statement. And to say that the handheld market is dying and that the 3DS is going to prolong the life of it for a while is even more stupid. Continue reading “PSP2: So not Dead on Arrival”

Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

Carl of Duty
Wouldn't you rather play this?

I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about Black Ops by now, but I thought it’d be a good a time as any to weigh in my own opinion on the game. After completing the five or so hour campaign and playing about two hours of online play, including zombies, I think I have enough experience to make a review on it. Continue reading “Call of Duty: Black Ops Review”

What ever happened to split screen?

1 player, (2-32 online)On Sunday, my girlfriend and I were looking around BestBuy at PS3 games that we could play together. Sure, there are games like Guitar Hero and DJ Hero and tonnes of other party games available, but that’s not really anything we’re into. And there are some great platforming games that we could take turns playing, but nothing that we could play together.

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In Defence of A Thousand Suns

A Thousand SunsA month ago, Linkin Park released their 4th album, A Thousand Suns which amongst my peers is considered garbage, and critically has received very mixed reviews from terrible to fantastic. Personally, I fall in with those that think it’s fantastic and quite possibly their best work to-date.

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MacBook Air: The Future of Laptops?

Along with a new OS, Apple announced the new MacBook Air in both a 13″ & 11″ models. I haven’t yet had the chance to get my hands on playing around with one, but a trip down to the Apple store in the coming weeks will change all that. That being said, this will simply be a speculative review of the product.

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Will Lion be the King of the OSX Jungle?

Mac OS X LionToday, Apple held an event called “Back to the Mac” where they introduced the new iLife ’11, Mac OS X Lion (available next summer) and the new MacBook Air. While completely awesome, some of the new OSX features raise a few concerns for me. There were a lot rumours on the net that spoke of a new, revolutionary feature, but I don’t think we saw it today. Continue reading “Will Lion be the King of the OSX Jungle?”

Which cell phone is right for you?

In the wake of all these new smart phones with their million and one features, and their specs that rival most devices dedicated to those features, not to mention the mass amount of media attention a lot of these devices seem to get these days, a lot of people ask me which phone is right for them? Because I’m some sort of a cell phone guru based on my interests and are of study (apparently). Also, my only real hands on experience is with an iPhone, so I am more inclined to be more biased towards it. I’d also like to say before hand that I really don’t know much about Android phones, but I am aware of features that some of them have that I think are superior to the iPhone, and many short comings. Continue reading “Which cell phone is right for you?”