Ryan’s Rockin’: October

rockin_oct_2014“Dot is cute and Yakko yaks, Wakko packs away the snacks while Bill Clinton plays the sax!”

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Top Ten Albums 2013

toptenThings were a little lackluster in the Top Ten department last year and that’s partly because, for one, it’s occasionally difficult to come up with, and actually review a lot of content on your own, and two because I didn’t like the separate post format. It makes it difficult to navigate, and if you want to go from entry to entry, you’re often left with this random gap between posts with completely unrelated content. With my Game of the Year 2013, I experimented with a new paginated format which I’m going to use for all future Top Tens. While it may result in one gigantic post, and possibly fewer page views; it will lessen my spamming of you guys every day with each entry, and it will make it easier to read. It may however, take me a little longer to get them out since I’ll have to write the whole thing in one post, but it will all be worth it at the end of the day. Trust me. Continue reading “Top Ten Albums 2013”

Top Ten Albums of 2012: Number 2

And… another 90’s band! I mistakingly declared this album of the year in November. And I almost considered doing a double post as a tie for number one, but as in a sporting event, there must be a winner and a not so winner. Getting a silver medal in team sports has to be the worst, at least bronze gets to win their last game, silver you have to lose to earn. What a gip, I digress… Continue reading “Top Ten Albums of 2012: Number 2”