Lunch Time Bites: Reimer and Phaneuf’s wives exchange dirty looks

This is a pretty funny capture of Reimer and Phaneuf’s wives giving each other dirty looks. I know it’s because some dude sitting near them apparently said something rude but its timing is awesome coming just after Phaneuf lost the game.


Image courtesy of The Score

Lunch Time Bites: Apple iPlay

On April 1st, it’s very hard to trust anything on the internet. In fact, you can disregard most of what you read. Most years there are some damn good pranks that people play like IGN’s Legend of Zelda movie trailer, or the Nine Inch Nails new album produced by Timbalind, or pretty much anything YouTube or Google “announce” on April 1st. This year was a little lack luster. Google’s Nose didn’t even pique my interest and YouTube’s best video award lost it’s funny after about a minute. IGN’s prank this year would’ve had me believing it right to the end if it weren’t for the poor Johnny Ive over dub or the stupid camera angles. They could’ve really sold it if they didn’t start dipping into satire, but regardless, it’s still pretty damn funny.

And here’s YouTube’s so long as they can keep it going.