Destiny Alpha Impressions (PS4)


I’m going to be perfectly honest; I’m not big on MMORPGs. And the idea of merging an FPS and an MMO didn’t appeal to me very much, so my initial interest in Destiny was admittedly very low. But when my alpha code for PS4 showed up in my inbox, I was intrigued enough to give this preview a chance, and I think I’ve been swayed after going into this knowing very little and having no expectations. Continue reading “Destiny Alpha Impressions (PS4)”

Ryan’s Rockin’: July

I hope everyone (who’s Canadian) had a great Canada Day long weekend. And happy 4th of July to the Americans. I guess. Don’t get upset and refuse to let me in your country next week though :P

Well, I told you that I was expecting some great music in June and I was right. Have a great list of tunes that I think everyone should get their hands on.
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