Editor’s Notes: 5 Things That Make Dragon Age: Inquisition Infuriating



Writer’s note:
Firstly, yes, I have an editor.

Secondly, they are a huge Dragon Age fan. When I submitted this blog post to them originally I received back two versions; one with actual edits, and one with an amazing side column of just the most wonderful vitriol that was just too good to not share. Normally, I do receive some commentary that is usually hilarious and leads to rewrites, but in this case they were so passionate about the subject, it required its own file separately. Enjoy.

About a week ago, I had to call it quits playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. I went into it with a ton of excited anticipation, and even found myself loving the game for the first ten or so hours I spent with it.

Editor’s note: My first ten hours consisted of jumping and getting lost in the fucking Hinterlands before I figured out the combat controls.

The exploration of beautiful and varied environments, the entertaining banter of my party members, and that signature Dragon Age ass kicking combat system that I so enjoyed.

Editor’s note: Except for jumping when you meant to attack for like the first hour you play it, because who the fuck decided to change the controls around? Fuck jumping, I wanna kill stuff!

Then some dickhead showed up on a dragon, killed all my bros, blew up my new home, and humiliated me, The Herald of Andraste, in front of my friends and potential lovers! I was a sad, disheartened, and broken man, and all I got out of that epic and heart breaking moment was a cringe worthy song and an impossibly hard to navigate fort.

Editor’s note: I have no probs with the fort. You’re just shitty with directions in real life and virtually.

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On Stranger Tides; stranger because it doesn’t suck

I don’t really do movie reviews that much anymore, but I felt this was worth a quickie.

When I originally heard that they would be making another Pirates of the Caribbean, I wanted to kill myself. But then Johnny Depp admitted that the second and third PotC movies were overly convoluted, confusing and straight out stupid, then assured me that the new one was back to the fun loving enjoyment of the original movie. So I went to see it Saturday.

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