Lunch Time Bites: Batman VS Superman (The Dark Knight Returns Pt 2)

If you haven’t seen these fantastic direct to video animated adaptations of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, then there’s something wrong with your movie watching habits. Here’s a snippet of one of the best parts of part 2. It’s Batman beating the snot out of Superman, but it isn’t the whole fight, for that, you either have to YouTube better than me, or go out and buy the movie. Get it on iTunes or Amazon or pick up the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack. Or if you’re a friend of mine, call me and borrow it for a weekend.

Top Ten Albums of 2012: Number 2

And… another 90’s band! I mistakingly declared this album of the year in November. And I almost considered doing a double post as a tie for number one, but as in a sporting event, there must be a winner and a not so winner. Getting a silver medal in team sports has to be the worst, at least bronze gets to win their last game, silver you have to lose to earn. What a gip, I digress… Continue reading “Top Ten Albums of 2012: Number 2”